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Container Modifications & Outfitting

We have modified and outfitted shipping containers for many applications including water treatment plants, chemical dosing rooms, chemical storage rooms and housing. Our extensive experience with shipping container construction allows us to efficiently design and outfit container to your exact specifications.

Container Modifications

Standard ISO shipping containers are incredibly strong and durable thanks to its clever design and corrugated steel walls. However, once holes for windows and doors are cut into a container it looses much of its strength. That's why adding reinforcements back to the container is critical for maintaining the integrity of the container.

We have built dozens of container rooms for a variety of applications but they all start with modifying a standard container by adding some of the following features:

  • Man doors (side and end doors)

  • Windows

  • Pipe and cable entries

  • Removable wall sections

  • Flooring

  • Internal walls and mounting surfaces

  • Additional Supports and Equipment mounts

  • floor containment and sump

container modifications.jpg
containe side door
container electrical panel

Container Outfitting

We offer turnkey containerized mechanical rooms for various applications including pump stations, chemical dosing rooms, chemical storage, water treatment plants. We can install virtually any equipment you desire in your container including:

  • Pumps, piping and tanks

  • Control panels and raceways / cable trays

  • Electrical - lights, switches, outlets, ect..

  • Water - sinks, water heater, piping

  • Air - compressor, filters / dryers, piping

  • HVAC - electric heaters, ventilation

  • Furniture (work tables, shelving, ect..)

  • Safety equipment - Eyewash, machine guards, ect..

  • Sump system

Chemical Dosing Rooms

One of the most popular container modification is chemical dosing rooms for sawmills, pulp mills, and water treatment plants.

A typical chemical dosing rooms includes:

  • Man door (side and end doors)

  • Wall entrances for cables, vents and piping

  • Sealed floor containment with sump

  • Chemical dosing pumps, piping and tanks

  • Control panels

  • Lights, heater, ventilation

  • Eyewash station and sink

  • Additional supports and equipment mounts

chemical dosing room
day tank pump skid
Container pump room

Pump Stations

Building pump stations into shipping containers is ideal for remote sites, temporary installations and equipment provided under a lease / rental contract.

We can build and outfit a container to your exact specifications and outfitted with your preferred equipment including:

  • Pumps, piping and tanks - integrated or skid based

  • Pump and piping supports and mounts

  • Control panels and raceways / cable trays

  • Valve & sensor banks

  • Electrical and piping access panels / entrances

Contact our sales team today to get a free estimate on your next container project!

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