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Catwalks, Stairs & Ladders for Industry

Safe and convenient access to your equipment is essential for your operations. DM Fabrication has extensive experience providing custom equipment accessibility solutions to a variety of industries.

Walkways & Platforms

Easy access and safe to tanks or process equipment is necessary for your business to succeed. DM Fabrication can design and build any walkways or platforms for your operation.

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2019-08-01 16.44.04.jpg
outdoor stairs

Stairs & Handrails

We can make stairs for any application and site. Interior, exterior, stainless steel or painted mild steel we do it all. Our careful site measurements ensure the correct fit and fast site installation.

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Access Ladders

Properly designed access ladders are necessary to access equipment and locations where stairs cannot fit. Our ladders are made to fit your unique situation and follow all relevant safety codes.

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Contact our sales team today to discuss your walkway & stair project

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